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Mantle 7 copy - feelings of knowledge empowerment and...

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Lucia Lee April 4, 2011 The Mantle of the Prophet Chapter 7 Analysis In Chapter 7, Ali implies the importance of reading and how reading is the key to his comfort when he is held in a jail cell. Ali begins to talk about his fears, such as his fear of dying, his fear of being forgotten or his fear of being unable to recall things. However, unlike most people whose main fear is the fear of dying, Ali’s main fear is different. Instead, Ali states how “it was not death he feared. He feared forgetting what he knew, forgetting in any deep way who he was” (258). Ali was worried if he would not be able to remember “anything more about himself” (258) This fear of Ali’s however, is forgotten when he reads books, which is why he carries two books with him. Reading is an escape for Ali, and reading itself instills
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Unformatted text preview: feelings of knowledge, empowerment and comfort that Ali needs to survive in jail. One of the books that Ali carries is the Koran and in the Korean, the story of Joseph is a story that Ali finds comfort in because he sees a similarity in his life and the story. The story of “Joseph nurtured the hope of seeing the subtle wisdom of events explained in his eventual release from captivity, nurtured a hope that his captivity would have a meaning” (259) Like the feeling of being forgotten, Ali himself is also fearful of things that he sees has no purpose, which is why reading helps him find meanings in these non purposeful things. For example, Ali going to jail may seem like there would be no meaning, but reading and gaining more knowledge and trying to find a connection is what helps Ali survive....
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Mantle 7 copy - feelings of knowledge empowerment and...

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