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mantle 8 copy - diversity, which make it exciting. Not only...

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Lucia Lee 4/11/2011 Response Paper Mantle of the Prophet Chapter 8 In Chapter 8 of Mantle of the Prophet, Ali shows a two-sided view on Tehran. At first, Ali would visit Tehran on his “leisurely walks” and would find comfort in the daily lifestyle of the Tehranians, which he found to be intriguing. However, even though Ali saw Tehran in a positive view, he states how could not help but feel depressed every time he was at Tehran. Perhaps it was the bustling life of Tehran compared to the calmer life of the people in Qom, but Ali could not help notice how the people of Tehran were rude compared to the people of Qom. However, even though there is always a negative quality about something, a positive quality also arises as well. For example, the vast population in Tehran comes with people of
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Unformatted text preview: diversity, which make it exciting. Not only is Tehran the site of bus stations, railroad, depots and airports but there were also dowrehs, which were circles of men or women who met every week partly to share the pleasure of one anothers company and partly to digest the ideas that were preoccupying their members (271). Ali depicts how Tehran was a more vibrant city even though it made him feel depressed; however, he came to realize how every place or thing comes with a fault. Tehran was furthermore, as it appears to be, a more lenient society where the women seem to also have more freedom compared to the women of Qom. The people also appear to be more social and open with another, even though they made be rude in Alis eyes....
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mantle 8 copy - diversity, which make it exciting. Not only...

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