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Midterm Reading SG - Intro to Media Studies Quiz #2 Review...

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Unformatted text preview: Intro to Media Studies Quiz #2 Review Sheet Key Terms/Topics/Themes 1) Crouteau & Hoynes Chapter 4 5 strategies for media orgs to deal with government regulations news conventions definition(s) of news Fishman and Tuchman sociological studies of news (key findings) news net, beats, etc. consequences of routine journalistic practices role of news wire Clayman and Reisner study conversation analysis criteria for selecting front page news stories objectivity origins /history of objectivity definition Bennetts 6 news practices for maintaining objectivity news in Internet Age/User-Generated News- what has changed? Functions of professional roles in media (besides journalists) Photographers Book editors Powells study on scholarly publishing (key findings) New media and new conventions McLaughlin, Osborne, and Smith study on reproachable network behavior Chapter 5 Ideology Definition relationship between ideology, images, and politics how ideology functions (dominant versus contradictions) Global Media Monitoring Project and key findings of 2010 study origins of ideological analysis false consciousness vs revolutionary consciousness hegemeony definition Antonio Gramsci Relationship between media and hegemony (Stuart Hall) News and ideology Herbert Gans study Social order National leadership Economic news coverage and ideology Approaches to analyzing media and ideology...
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Midterm Reading SG - Intro to Media Studies Quiz #2 Review...

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