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Welcome to Astronomy 101.002 Fall 2011 Exam Information Instead of showing up to Regener Hall room 103 during exam times you will need to find a good place to access your Mastering Astronomy account. What is a good place? Most importantly you will need a computer with a dependable internet connection. Computer pods located around UNM offer what might be the best connections. While most of the campus has wireless available it does sometimes fail or you may have to move if something happens. I would recommend that you not try this at Starbucks, McDonalds or Kelly's. While these places may seem comfortable keeping a wireless connection open is not their top priority. Some of you may have dependable internet connections at home. I have heard from students in the past that claim their cat knocked over the modem or their dog chewed into the Ethernet cable just as they were about to answer a question. Once the connection is broken you might not be able to login again. Just weigh the two choices of comfort and reliability and make your
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Unformatted text preview: decision as to where you want to be. Why are we using an online tool for test? Given the budget cuts our department has been asked to make we are looking for ways to reduce our overhead. Printing thousands of pages of exam questions, buying thousands of "bubble sheets" and having the Testing Center grade thousands of "bubble sheets" costs thousands of dollars. You may use your class notes, book and calculator while taking the exam. You are asked to do your own work. Please don't subcontract these exams to the lowest bidder or good friend that you think might know more than you do. Maybe they don't! This is YOUR college experience. Get the most out of it and learn the most that you can by doing your own work. You are allowed one attempt and will have an hour and a half for each exam. Please make sure that you understand how to connect to Mastering Astronomy by attempting the homework assignments prior to the exams....
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