Things to study for Astronomy 101 Exam 3

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Things to study for Astronomy 101 exam 3 Chapter 9: The Sun Temperature Energy transport mechanisms Zone structure Difference between flares, prominences, sunspots and mass ejection Where does the Sun’s energy come from Chapter 10: Measuring the Stars How stars in a cluster or constellation named Magnitude system, how many times brighter is a 1 st magnitude star than a 6 th magnitude star How much more light does a telescope with 10 times the area of your eye gather What does the H-R diagram display How many light years in a parsec How can we determine the mass of a binary star system
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11: The Interstellar Medium What obscures the light coming from the center of our galaxy How dense is gas in space in molecules per CC What happens to gas clouds that aren’t big enough to form a main sequence star Chapter 12: Stellar Evolution Why do stars evolve off of the main sequence What will happen to our Sun What kind of stars are in a globular cluster Chapter 13: Neutron Stars and Black Holes What can cause gamma-ray bursters How can we identify a black hole...
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