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Objectives weeks 13-14

Objectives weeks 13-14 - Objectives for Weeks 13-14(Exam 4...

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Objectives for Weeks 13-14 (Exam 4) 1. Understand the explanations for the darkness of the night sky. Einstein narrowly missed predicting that our universe is not static. 2. The universe is expanding. The redshifts of distant galaxies are not Doppler shifts; they are caused by the expansion of space itself. 3. The expanding universe emerged from a cataclysmic event called the Big Bang. Measuring the recessional velocities of galaxies allows us to estimate the age of the universe. 4. The microwave radiation that fills all space is evidence for a hot Big Bang. The afterglow of the Big Bang was first discovered by a happy coincidence—and can be detected with an ordinary television. 5. The universe was a hot, opaque plasma during its first 380,000 years. The temperature of the background radiation has declined over the eons thanks to the expansion of the universe. 6. The shape of the universe indicates its matter and energy content. The geometry of space reveals that the universe is filled with dark energy.
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