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LEARNING OBJECTIVES FOR WEEK ONE 1. Understand that to make sense of the universe, astronomers use the laws of physics to construct testable theories and models. Hypotheses, models, theories, and laws are essential parts of the scientific way of knowing. 2. Know that studying planetary science gives us a better perspective on our own unique Earth. 3 . Know that by studying stars and nebulae, astronomers discover how stars are born, grow old, and die. Studying the life cycles of stars is crucial for understanding our own origins. 4. Know that by observing galaxies, astronomers learn about the origin and fate of the universe. The motions of distant galaxies motivate the ideas of the expanding universe and the Big Bang. 5. Know that astronomers use angles to denote the positions and apparent sizes of objects in the sky. Angular measure is a tool that we will use throughout our study of astronomy. 6. Review basic high school math so you understand how to solve and manipulate basic
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