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Week 12 Standard Model Objectives

Week 12 Standard Model Objectives - 6 Know how particles...

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Objectives for Week 12 Standard Model 1. Understand why we must study small scale physics to understand large scale behavior of the universe. 2. Know that particles come in families, how many there are and why we think there cannot be any more. 3.Understand the matter/ antimatter asymmetry. 4. Know the various characteristics that define particles. 5. Know the basics of how radioactive decays occur.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Know how particles differ from antiparticles. 7. Know the basic difference between fermions and bosons. 8. Know the four basic forces of nature and the particle interactions involved. 9. Know why gravity is currently different from the other forces. 10. Know the scales involved at the Planck epoch....
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