Weeks 5 through 7 Reading Guides

Weeks 5 through 7 Reading Guides - Chapter 12 do not worry...

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Reading Guides for Weeks 5 through 7 Chapter 9 do not worry about “Seismic waves as earth probes”; Chapter 10 do not worry about “moon’s rotation and Libration”; “Human exploration of the moon”; “Calculating tidal forces”; Chapter 11 do not worry about Naked eye and telescopic observations; “Fire and Ice”; Landing on Mars, Martian regolith, exploring Martian rocks; Phobos and Deimos
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 do not worry about “observing Jupiter and Saturn”; section 12-5; Chapter 13 do not worry about section 13-1 Chapter 14 read all Chapter 15 do not worry about section 15-1; Chapter 16 do not worry about Box 16-1; sec 16-3; limb darkening; coronal holes;...
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