Weeks 6-7Learning Objectives

Weeks 6-7Learning Objectives - Learning Objectives Weeks 7...

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Learning Objectives Weeks 7 1. Jupiter’s Galilean satellites are easily seen with Earth-based telescopes. Gravitational interactions between Io, Europa, and Ganymede induce a rhythmic relationship among their orbits. 2. Data from spacecraft reveal the unique properties of the Galilean satellites. Three of the Galilean satellites are made of a mixture of ice and rock; only Io is ice-free. 3. The Galilean satellites formed like a solar system in miniature. The differences in composition among the Galilean satellites mimic those among planets orbiting the Sun. 4. Io is covered with colorful sulfur compounds ejected from active volcanoes. The theory of tidal forces helped predict Io’s volcanic nature. 5. Jupiter’s magnetic field makes electric currents flow in Io’s molten interior. Jupiter and Io together act like an immense electric generator. The interaction produces the Io Torus. 6. Europa is covered with a smooth layer of ice that may cover a worldwide ocean. Geology on Europa is based on solid ice and liquid water, not on rock and molten magma. 7. Liquid water may also lie beneath the cratered surfaces of Ganymede and Callisto. Both Ganymede and Callisto show evidence of past geologic activity. 8. Titan has a thick, opaque atmosphere rich in methane, nitrogen, and hydrocarbons. A faint mist of methane rain falls continually on Titan.
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Weeks 6-7Learning Objectives - Learning Objectives Weeks 7...

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