radiation - Announcements Astronomy Picture of the Day

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1 Announcements If you can’t see your clicker scores in Mastering Astronomy then you probably need to either (1) register your clicker; or (2) check your student- ID in Mastering Astronomy Last day to drop without a grade (with refund) is Sept 2. If you are not in Mastering Astronomy and using a clicker by then you will be dropped. HW #2 is Due on Thursday (September 8) as usual. Ken will be in RH111 so please visit with him. Exam #1 is on Tuesday (September 13) We will have a short (30 min) review on Monday, Sept 12. at 3:25 pm in RH103 Astronomy Picture of the Day http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html Dumbbell nebula M27 Electromagnetic Radiation (How we get most of our information about the cosmos) Examples of electromagnetic radiation: Light Infrared Ultraviolet Microwaves AM radio FM radio TV signals Cell phone signals X-rays Radiation travels as waves . Waves carry information and energy. Properties of a wave wavelength ( λ ) crest amplitude (A) velocity (v) trough λ is a distance, so its units are m, cm, or mm, etc. Period (T): time between crest (or trough) passages Frequency ( ν ): rate of passage of crests (or troughs), ν = Also, v = λ ν Ε = h ν 1 T (units: Hertz or cycles/sec) Demo: making waves - wave table Demo: slinky waves Waves Radiation travels as Electromagnetic waves. That is, waves of electric and magnetic ±elds traveling together.
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radiation - Announcements Astronomy Picture of the Day

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