test3review - Review for Test#3 Nov 10 Topics...

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1 Review for Test #3 Nov 10 Topics: Stars (including our Sun) The Interstellar medium Stellar Evolution and Stellar Death Neutron stars, pulsars and magnetars Black Holes and Special Relativity Methods • Conceptual Review and Practice Problems Chapters 9 - 13 • Review lectures (on-line) and know answers to clicker questions • Try practice quizzes on-line •Bring: • Two Number 2 pencils and your UNM ID • Simple calculator (no electronic notes) Reminder: There are NO make-up tests for this class Test #3 Review How to take a multiple choice test 1) Before the Test: Study hard (~2 hours/day Friday through Monday) Get plenty of rest the night before 2) During the Test: Draw simple sketches to help visualize problems Solve numerical problems in the margin Come up with your answer first, then look for it in the choices If you can’t find the answer, try process of elimination If you don’t know the answer, Go on to the next problem and come back to this one later TAKE YOUR TIME, don’t hurry If you don’t understand something, ask me. Test #3 Useful Equations parallactic distance d = 1/p where p is parallax in arcsec and d is in parsecs R = 2 GM c 2 Schwarschild Radius:
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test3review - Review for Test#3 Nov 10 Topics...

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