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Unformatted text preview: Astro 101.002 Astro 101.001 Professor: Greg Taylor Professor: Greg Taylor TA: Ken Obenberger (in RH111 on homework due days 4:30-5:30pm) Course Goals: Extend your horizons Class Web page: Course Text: Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe, Chaisson and McMillan, 6th ed. i-Clickers: YES, you need one. Bring it to every class. Homework: Reading and Mastering Astronomy assignments (roughly weekly) Grading: 12% class participation; 22% homework; 66% based on best 3 out of 4 tests. NOTE: there will be NO makeup tests. Instructions Cont. Syllabus: handed out, on-line & posted in Upper-West case so be sure to read it. Tests: bring two number 2 pencils. Multiple-Choice. Office-Hours: Mondays 9-11am in PandA 180 or by appt. Campus Observatory: Fridays 7-9pm now, 8-10pm MST In Class: Do - Ask Questions, Challenge unbelievable statements, Be Curious about the Universe How to Register your Clicker 1.  Go to: http:// registration/ 2.  Fill in requested fields: 3.  For “Student ID” use your BANNER ID Banner ID Do Not - Talk, use phones, or play video games during lectures - be courteous of your fellow students How to Register on Mastering Astronomy Go to 1.  Go to: http:// www.masteringastrono 2.  Use your UNM email for the “Login Name” Click Students UNM e-mail 3.  Course ID is TAYLOR14178FALL11 4.  Use your BANNER ID for the Student ID 1 QUAYS-THUMB-PIPES-TRAWL-NOMAD-KNEAD Do you have a Pearson Education account? NOTE: Your text/package may have included a MasteringAstronomy access code, or you may have purchased a code Select: Step 1: Do you have an access code? An access code is a 6-part code. Here is an example of what an access code looks like: separately at your bookstore. If not, you can purchase access online at •  o if this is N your first Pearson product. •  es if you have Y another Pearson Account •  ot Sure N Create a Login Name and Password Confirm Password. Enter your 6-part If you DO have an access code, click Yes and Continue Click Next Access Code HERE CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully registered for MasteringAstronomy. Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email Address Click Log In Now Enter School Country, Zip Code, School Name click Yes, enter your Course ID and click Continue. Enter your 9 digit UNM ID here Course ID = TAYLOR14178FALL11 2 You are now viewing your MasteringAstronomy homepage! Job Announcement Click here to access the Study Area The office of accessibility resource center is looking for a student in this class to volunteer to provide notes for this class. The student will be paid a stipend for the semester. Click here to access the eText [The] Interested student should come by our office at 2021 Mesa Vista Hall to complete the required hiring paperwork. COURSE: ASTR 101.001 Click here to View Assignments INITIAL: LGR Tips to improve your grade! A Quick Tour of the Universe (and this course) 3 Hubble Space Telescope Keck Telescopes Very Large Array (VLA) Chandra X-ray Observatory Perseus Cluster 4 Kepler Telescope First Long Wavelength Array Station (LWA1) Site First Long Wavelength Array Station (LWA1) Site April 2010 LWA1 Preview HAARP 5 M m GMm F= r2 r 6 Sample Clicker Question #1: How long does it take for the Earth to go around the Sun? A: 1 hour Sample Clicker Question #2: What is the current phase of the moon? A. New B. First quarter B: 1 day C. Full C: 1 month D. Third quarter D: 1 year E: Forever, the Sun goes around the Earth. Sample Clicker Question #3: Is there life on Mars? A.  Yes B.  No 7 Cassiopeia A: Supernova Remnant Example Supernova: 1998bw A Young Supernova SN 1993J Rupen et al. 8 1 kpc Cosmic Microwave Background 9 ...
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