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Free will, Determinism, and Moral Responsibility Determinism : every event has a sufficient cause in prior events. A sufficient cause for event e ensures that e will occur. Free Will : much of the debate of the concerns what we mean by this. Some possible views: We act (choose) freely , if we are doing what we want to do. if we could have done otherwise. if our action is not coerced. Moral responsibility : we are morally responsible for our actions if we deserve credit or blame for them. But when is that? When you cause something to happen? When you deliberately and intentionally cause it to happen? When were free to do some thing else, but chose the action? Many think free will and moral responsibility go hand in hand. Don’t confuse moral responsibility and causal responsibility. Three views Libertarianism : We have free will and this means that determinism is false. Hard Determinism : Determinism is true, and this means we don’t have free will. Both these views agree that free will and determinism are
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Unformatted text preview: incompatible . Compatibilism : Free will and determinism might both be true. (Strong Compatibilism: Both are true.) Something to put on the refrigerator Compatibilists do not say: Some of our actions are free and others are determined. They do say: The very same action might be free and determined. Van Inwagen’s on Free will and Determinism Think of time as a set of forking paths Free Will : at the time when one is deciding what to do, one is able to choose more than one fork. One lacks free will if there is just one fork one can choose. Example: the locked room Determinism : the way things are at time t determines a unique future. The state of the universe at t rules out every alternative future state except one . Sources of Determinism : laws of nature (physics), God, Fate. Van Inwagen only takes the first seriously. Fate is too vague to take seriously....
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