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Emarketsnotes - Night

Emarketsnotes - Night - What is the 15,000 square foot...

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What is the 15,000 square foot warehouse used for? It will be used to house everything. Should there be different languages on the website? Yes, it has to be multi-lingual. How will you be tracking the stockings? Will it be automated? RFIDs - Radio frequency identifiers. You can barcode scan everything. I will need a database that keeps track of everything and will tie to my website. I want my system to be able to automatically notify Bryne Dairy that E-Markets Syracuse has x amount of milk cartons left and have them deliver more automatically. Will you be able to support Android barcode scanning? That would be a good idea. There will also be a mobile version of my website. It is up to you guys to tell me what mobile phones it will support. Will you have VIP customers? Customers will create accounts on E-Markets Syracuse. The website will do pop-up coupons based on your buying habits. When will there be the most website traffic?
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