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Unformatted text preview: I-Lab Introduction I-Lab We will be using Virtualization via VMware for our labs? VMware Defined:” VMWare is virtualization software from VMWare, Inc., Palo Alto, CA ( that is used to partition or slice up x86­based workstations and servers into separate virtual machines, each containing its own copy of the OS. ” Software we will use to perform this ‘magic’, VMware. Called a “Hypervisor” Other software from other vendors • • • • • Parallels , VMWare Fusion for the MAC Virtual PC from Microsoft XenServer from Citrix Virtual Iron Others too Simplified Definition Simplified A single powerful computer that can be virtually broken apart, via software, into multiple less powerful, independent systems http:// Image taken from Advantages of Virtualization Advantages Only need access to one physical computer to run multiple operating systems “Guest” operating systems are portable from one VMware “host” system to other Great for disaster recovery testing and planning due to its hardware independence. Excellent choice for server consolidation to reduce the amount of “metal” Outstanding method of running multiple independent NOS (network operating systems) on the same hardware where the “Guest” NOS’ are not under heavy load. To learn more, go to Advantages of Virtualization Advantages Get new servers up and running quickly by eliminating OS and application installation and configuration issues. Clone or copy existing servers. New servers can be deployed to existing hardware if there is free “CPU, memory, disk space, and network capacity” Some refer to these as the 4 major ‘food groups of virtualization” Disadvantages of Virtualization Disadvantages All servers run on one physical box. If the box fails (hardware issue), all virtual servers are effected. Adds complexity for datacenter operations. Requires different tools to manage virtual servers. Some specialized storage requirements. VMware this semester VMware We will be creating three independent NOS’ this semester, Windows 2008 Server, Linux, and Windows 7 You will save your virtual servers on a new iSchool VMware environment. It’s new so there may by some ‘bugs’ this semester. LABS LABS Total of ~ 9 ­10 labs throughout the semester. They will be posted on our BB a few days before we have lab. Please try to read the lab and do any pre­lab assignments before we do the lab together. • • The lab will be easier You will get more out of it Lab Grade Lab There will be questions at the end or throughout of each lab you will need to complete and hand­in to the TA before leaving. Your lab grade will be primarily based on your answers. Today’s tasks Familiarize yourself with the new lab environment (Hinds 010). Browse through VMware website • Read the syllabus (if you haven’t done so already) Don’t forget about the assignment due. Demo of ESX environment • in virtual center Questions? Questions? ...
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