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Lab exam - • Do as much of the homework as possible This...

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Lab Exam Review Sheet ____________________________________________________________ The lab exam will consist of 17 short answer questions (one or two sentences each) and a single question (with 3 parts) where you need to calculate some numbers. I would suggest preparing for the lab exam by: Reviewing all previous labs and the graded lab sheets Reviewing the Total Cost of Ownership (Week 10) PowerPoint and Return on Investment (Week 12) PowerPoint. Make sure you have completed all labs. The last day that you can turn in old labs is Friday 12/2.
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Unformatted text preview: • Do as much of the homework as possible. This is the “Web services lab contained in the web services folder in Blackboard. • There will NOT be any “fingers to keys” exercises on the lab exam. The lab is entirely a paper exam. Again, there will be one question with 3 parts that contains some very simple calculations. Although you should be able to do this math on paper, you can bring and use a simple 4 function (+-×÷) calculator on the exam. There will be no “make-up” lab exams....
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