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Name: _________________________________________ Date: _______________ IST 346 QUIZ #5 – Data Centers True / False (1 point each) – Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false ___F_ 1.) The placement of racks in a data center is not important to how heat is collected and cold air is circulated. __ T _ 2.) Renting space in a hosting facility is known as co-locating. ___F_ 3.) The physical location of your datacenter within your organization is not very important. __T__ 4.) A two factor security system relies on something you have and something you know. __F__ 5.) Cooling your data center does not require a large amount of electrical power, much less than your servers consume. __F__ 6.) You should always build-your-own network cables in a datacenter. This will allow you to save money, select the cable color to use, and make the lengths exactly what you want. Multiple Choice (1 point each) - Identify the letter of the choice that best completes and statement or answers the question
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