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Quiz #10-Answers

Quiz #10-Answers - Name Date IST 346 QUIZ#10 Security...

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Name: ___________________________________________________ Date: ____________________ IST 346 QUIZ #10 – Security Policy and Service Monitoring True / False (1 point each) – Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false _T_ 1.) The goal of any secure IT system is to have a balance between usability and security. Too much of either is bad. _T_ 2.) Defense in Depth security means that you protect your systems throughout your entire IT environment; not just at the edge or at the internet boundary. __F_ 3.) Typically, organizations do not have an acceptable use IT policy. PC usage is common sense and users or administration don’t need to be bothered with additional paperwork. __F_ 4.) Service monitoring is only referred to when it is needed to troubleshoot a problem or trace down a security incident _T__ 5.) When choosing an alert type, make sure you pick the appropriate event and time for the alert based on the particular situation and urgency. _F__ 6.)It is not important to determine how a security breach occurred. It is more
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