Rieks-Fall-2011-night M003(2)

Rieks-Fall-2011-night M003(2) - IST 346 Operating Systems...

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IST 346 Operating Systems Administration Section: M003: Thursday’s HH 013 from 5:00- 7:50 Permanently Tentative Name Stephen Rieks Contact Email Address [email protected] Contact Phone Number 315-443-4912 Course Overview In this course we will discuss the strategic role that technology plays in today's competitive business environment. We will emphasize the role that IT plays in improving business processes by helping organizations cut costs and become more competitive. The purpose of this course is to survey a number of technologies, and assess the implications of implementing them to solve business problems in an enterprise environment. The main emphasis will be on operating systems because that topic is not emphasized in any other IST courses, and it’s very important. We will also spend time talking about Security, Networking, and Business Processes. We are using a new textbook and revamping the way the course is structured this semester. As a result, please be patient and understanding as we workout any unforeseen issues. Office Hours My office hours are by appointment any time during the semester. Required Materials The Practice of System and Network Administration, 2 nd Limoncelli, Hogan, Chalup <ISBN 13: 978-0-321-49266-1> You may also be assigned reading through handouts and video’s via youtube.com. This reading / video’s are part of the course, and you will be tested on content. You must to be active each week in these online discussions. Learning Management System (LMS): Effective fall 2011, the iSchool transitioned its learning management services from a locally administered system to the centrally supported SU Blackboard system. This system is our primary delivery vehicle for online instruction and it serves as an important supplement to an increasing percentage of on-campus courses. We strongly encourage you to incorporate Blackboard into your course and we have extensive staff expertise to help you find the right blend between traditional and online
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instruction. For information about Blackboard in the iSchool, see https://answers.syr.edu/display/ischool/iSchool+BlackBoard+Resources For assistance with online course development, contact Peggy Brown ( [email protected] ; 315-443-8144). If you or your students need to report problems on the Blackboard System, the best way to get the fastest possible response is to submit a trouble ticket at http://ischool.syr.edu/it/. Click on the Get Help button. It’s quick and easy. Guidelines for LMS Discussions : Infrequently, I will post discussion questions online. Please try to answer and participate in the online dialog. When doing so, please follow these simple rules: Say something substantial. Simply saying "I agree" (in so many words) or "I disagree" (in so many words) does not meet the participation standard. Specific technical questions are appropriate as well as brief answers to such questions. Say something new.
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Rieks-Fall-2011-night M003(2) - IST 346 Operating Systems...

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