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IST352 - Final Project - IST352 Information Analysis of...

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IST352 – Information Analysis of Organizational Systems Development Lifecycle Final Project Guidelines Assignment Final Project (120 points) The final project is a semester-long research effort that pulls together the main concepts, principles and theories learned during the semester then synthesizes them into a single cohesive project. To do this you will solve the business problem described below using your newly developed systems analysis and design skills. This is an individual, not a group project. The Business Problem Your employer, a large east coast university uses a learning management system called Blackboard. It was purchased as a commercial off the shelf package from a software vendor a number of years ago. The system is a software package intended to allow students to take courses in a distance format and have the equivalent user experience as the students taking a same course in a traditional classroom setting. The system also requires that the faculty have all of the tools they need to teach a course to these distance students and to have a similar experience as if the students were in a traditional classroom setting. As a systems analyst working for the university you have been assigned to a new systems initiative titled The New Learning Management System, or NLMS. The project has been authorized (and funded) and is intended to provide the solution to “delivering an equivalent learning/teaching experience to students and faculty who are not located on the university’s campus.” The current learning management system, Blackboard, is an old legacy system uses the dated, clunky, web-based interface, has inadequate application functionality, uses legacy technology for the database management system and uses dated server hardware that provides very poor performance in terms of user response time and system availability. Your task is to solve these major systems problems. What do I need to do?
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IST352 - Final Project - IST352 Information Analysis of...

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