No Such Thing as Waterfall

No Such Thing as Waterfall - Vendors and consultants still...

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Vendors and consultants still breathing life into an old canard. There's no such thing as the Waterfall Approach! (and there never was) © Conrad Weisert, Information Disciplines, Inc., Chicago 8 February, 2003 NOTE: This document may be circulated or quoted from freely, as long as the copyright credit is included. Background -- Origin of the term I attended yet another presentation this week in which the speaker drew a sharp contrast between a modern, enlightened development life-cycle and the discredited "traditional waterfall " methodology. He didn't explain what the waterfall methodology is or how it got its name, but the audience of about 80 didn't complain. Indeed, their questions suggested that they had heard of the waterfall approach and accepted the claim that it's outmoded. I don't recall when I first saw that term 1 , but I'm sure it was in a pejorative sense. I'm unaware of any article or paper that ever put forth the "waterfall methodology" as a positive or recommended approach to system development. In fact, "waterfall" is a straw-man term, coined and used by those trying to promote some new methodology by contrasting it with a silly alleged traditional approach that no competent methodology expert ever favored. Update
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No Such Thing as Waterfall - Vendors and consultants still...

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