IST434 Final Project instruction fall 2011

IST434 Final Project instruction fall 2011 - IST434 Global...

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IST434 – Global Computing Challenges Fall 2011 Global Challenges Final Project Report What is the Global Challenges assignment? Your Global Challenges Final Project is a research paper of approximately 15 pages that reflects your analysis of a global computing challenge. As information professionals we are exposed to many large, complex computing challenges. These challenges are difficult to solve since computing infrastructures, hardware and software products have become very large, complex and are made more complicated by cultural and geopolitical issues. What challenge should I analyze? For this assignment you need to select one of the following technology topic pairs to explore in your paper: Cloud Computing & Virtualization Managing Geographically Dispersed Data Centers & Governance Identifying Performance Issues & Performance Tuning Capacity Planning & Data Center Architecture Configuration Management & Data Center Consolidation Backup/Recovery & High Availability In this paper you will: 1. Define the business challenge you have investigated. 2. Explain the business impact of failing to meet that challenge vs. the potential benefits derived from meeting the challenge. 3. Discuss the technologies and vendors involved. 4. Describe best practices for designing and implementing this solution to meet the business need. 5. Describe the actual technical and business impact that resulted from the solution. 6. Describe lessons learned from this project experience. What do I need to do for the Proposal? (25 Points)
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2011 for the course IST 434 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '11 term at Syracuse.

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IST434 Final Project instruction fall 2011 - IST434 Global...

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