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Syllabus-IST434 Global__Computing_Challenges Fall 2011

Syllabus-IST434 Global__Computing_Challenges Fall 2011 -...

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Syracuse University School of Information Studies IST434 – Global Computing Challenges Course Syllabus - Fall 2011 1 Instructor: Gary Friedman Telephone: 315-430-7572 Email: [email protected] Location: Hinds 021 Day: Monday Time: 5:15 – 8:05 p.m. Office Hours: Before or after class Course Overview IST434 builds the basic understanding of the technical and management architecture that comprise large-scale computing environments. The course will focus on addressing the issues related to large scale system performance, capacity planning, backup & recovery, operating system selection, designing & building a data center of the future, data center operations and infrastructure, the symbiotic relationship between data center operations & application development, managing geographically dispersed data centers, fault tolerance, redundancy and data center governance Prerequisites None Course Objectives At the completion of this course students will be able to: square4 Explain the global computing challenges faced by modern information professionals square4 Identify and describe large scale computing performance characteristics square4 Describe and use capacity planning techniques square4 Develop and use backup and recovery facilities square4 Use large scale computing systems Resources: Textbook Jayaswal, K, Administering Data Centers: Servers, Storage, and Voice over IP, John Wiley and Sons, 2005, ISBN: 978-0-471-77183-8 Readings There might be a variety of articles that complement the textbook located in the Blackboard Learning Modules for this course, URL: https://blackboard.syr.edu . The instructor will notify the class of such postings.
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Syracuse University School of Information Studies IST434 – Global Computing Challenges Course Syllabus - Fall 2011 Grading Policy Final grades will be based on the number of points earned throughout the semester according to the table below. There are more than 500 available points (520) therefore you are afforded the flexibility to pick and choose the assignments that are most interesting to you. This system also allows you to skip an assignment when other pressures in your life make it difficult to get an assignment completed. Since there are more than 500 available points no late assignments will be accepted, so please keep track of assignment due dates and your points earned. Grade Points A 500 475 A- 474 455 B+ 454 435 B 434 415 B- 414 395 Grade Points C+ 394 375 C 374 355 C- 354 335 D 334 315 F 314 0 Class Participation (100 points) square4 Reading Assignments - Reading assignments must be completed prior to class. This will facilitate class discussions. square4 Class Discussion – There will be discussion activities that include your responses to case study questions, discussion questions and real world problems in nearly every class. There are no provisions to make up missed class discussion activities. Therefore, it is important that you attend class.
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Syllabus-IST434 Global__Computing_Challenges Fall 2011 -...

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