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COSIGN, College Student Interest Group in Neurology, is a premed group. Our group's purpose is to help students on their route to medical school. We talk about MCATs, letters of rec, personal statements, volunteer opportunities, research, and medically- oriented jobs. We are meeting this thursday at PSCB 210. 5-6PM. Generally, we meet on even thursdays of the quarter at the same place and same time. Odd weeks are for activities. We bring a medical student board where club members can ask them any questions
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Unformatted text preview: they wish, and the medical students are always very helpful, and their insight is very hopeful. Also, we bring a faculty member to talk about topics such as Neurology, Neurobiology, the difference between them, the neurologist's route to medical school and residency, and we also ask them that whether if they would repeat this process again. Lastly, COSIGN is a great opportunity for networking. We will head over to the Health-Con right after our meeting....
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