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Course+Schedule - 10 28 Lasers/Light Treatment of Skin...

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PHOTOMEDICINE BIO SCI D130/BME 135 COURSE 05560/ 14040 FALL 2010 Rowland Hall Room 101: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 to 1:50 PM 9/23 Basic Principles of Light and Lasers: M. Berns, PhD 9/28 The Cell: M. Berns, PhD 9/30 Cell Surgery I: M. Berns,PhD 10/5 Cell Surgery / DNA Repair: M. Duquette, PhD 10/7 Photochemistry & Photodynamic Therapy: M. Berns, PhD 10/12 Clinical aspects of Photodynamic Therapy: Y. Tadir, MD 10/14 Lasers in Reproductive Medicine: Y. Tadir, MD 10/19 EXAM I 10/21 Laser Tweezers I: M. Berns, PhD 10/26 Laser Tweezers II: M. Berns. PhD
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Unformatted text preview: 10/ 28 Lasers/Light Treatment of Skin Disorders: J.S. Nelson, MD PhD 11/2 Lasers In Veterinary Medicine: G. Peavy DVM 11/4 Lasers in Dentistry: P. Wilder-Smith, DDS. 11/9 EXAM II 11/11 Holiday 11/16 Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy: A. Cerussi, PhD 11/18 Optical Coherence Tomography: J. Zhang, PhD 11/23 Lasers In Pulmonary Medicine: M. Brenner, MD 11/30 Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging: D. Cuccia, PhD 12/2 Course Overview (What have you learned?): M. Berns, PhD 12/10 FINAL 10:30-12:30 PM...
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