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EEEQuestionsIIKEY - 1 Which of these statements regarding...

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1) Which of these statements regarding neuron anatomy is false? A. Neurons usually have many more dendrites than axons B. Dendrites are long projections that can travel up to a meter away to reach their targets C. Growth cones play an important role in axon path-finding D. The central domain of growth cones is filled with mitochondria, organelles, & microtubules. 2) Which of these are true for axon path-finding? 3) Which of these statements is true for contact mediated and soluble signaling mechanisms involved with axon guidance? 4) Which of these is true regarding Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)?
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5) Which of these statements is false regarding the signaling molecule netrin? A. Netrin is expressed at the ventral midline in spinal cords B. Netrin is a long or short range axon guidance cue C. In K/O mice lacking netrin, commissural axons fail to reach the floorplate of the spinal cord D. In vivo, most of netrin is soluble rather than existing in a gradient attached to the surface of cell membranes
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