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Reading Guide for: Nieto, M., Schuurmans, C., Brtiz, O., and F. Guillemot. (2001). Neural bHLH genes control the neuronal versus glial fate decision in cortical progenitors. Neuron 29: 401-413. This guide is intended to help you notice and understand key concepts from the article that have been discussed in class. 1) The introduction of this paper mentions many intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are thought to influence the generation of distinct cell types. Some of these you are already familiar with. Find an example of each and also note which example is thought to link these signaling types together for glial fate specification in the PNS, forebrain, and retina.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) What type of technique was used to produce the images in Figure 1? What do these images suggest about Ngn2: Mash1 double mutant cell fates? 3) What is the purpose of the BrdU treatment used to generate images for Figure 2 C-C’? What does this technique do and how does cell proliferation in the cortex differ between wildtype and Ngn2: Mash1 mutants? 4) How does the technique used in Figure 4 differ from the one used to generate the images in Figure 2 D? 5) What is the main message from the clonal analysis data in figures 5 and 6 AND how does this data support the model proposed in Figure 7?...
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