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Practice Final 1. Which of the following occurs during metaphase of mitosis? a. Homologous chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate. b. Sister chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles. c. Sister chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate. d. The nuclear membrane begins to break down. 2. DNA replication a. occurs during mitosis. b. creates a chromosomes with two sister chromatids. c. occurs during S phase of interphase. d. both a and b. e. both b and c. 3. During anaphase, the chromosomes are moved to opposite poles a. by microtubules and dynein. b. by microtubules and kinesin. c. by actin and myosin. d. by microtubules myosin. 4. Myosin and actin are used a. during interphase to move DNA in S phase. b. during cytokinesis to create a cleave furrow. c. during metaphase to line the chromosomes up on the metaphase plate. d. to break down the nuclear envelope. 5. Which of the following is NOT true about meiosis? a. DNA replication occurs before meiosis 1 and meiosis 2. b. The chromosome number is reduced during meiosis. c. Tetrads form in meiosis 1. d. Homologous chromosomes line up in metaphase 1. 6. Crossing over a. occurs in mitosis. b. is when sister chromatids exchange genetic material. c. is when non homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material. d. is when homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material. 7. All of the following are sources of genetic diversity EXCEPT a. Independent assortment. b. DNA replication. c. Crossing over. d. Random fertilization. 8. Which cell type undergoes mitosis, but not meiosis? a. Sperm b. Liver cells c. Zygotes d. All cells go through both mitosis and meiosis at different times. 9. In peas, purple flower color exhibits simple dominance to the white flower color. If a homozygous dominant purple flowered pea plant is crossed with a white flowered pea plant, what is the theoretical ratio of purple flowered offspring to white flowered offspring? a. 1:1 b. 3:1
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c. All the plants will have purple flowers. d. All of the plants will have white flowers. 10. The law of independent assortment states that a. two alleles for a characteristic are packaged into separate gametes. b. when two or more characteristics are inherited, the alleles separate into gametes independently of each other. c. crossing over switches alleles between homologous chromosomes. d. a gamete only carries one allele for a gene. 11. Peas may be yellow (Y) or green (y). Their shape can be round (R) or wrinkled (r). Two pea plants heterozygous for yellow pea color and round pea shape are crossed. What is the phenotypic ratio of offspring produced in this cross? a. 3:1 b. 9:3:4 c. 9:3:3:1 d. 9:4:3:2 12. Using the information in the above problem, what are the possible genotypes of an offspring that is yellow and wrinkled? a.
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Practice+Final+-+Key - Practice Final 1. Which of the...

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