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Bio 93 Pooja Patel Worksheet 7 – Quiz patelph@uci.edu 1. During which phase of mitosis do the sister chromatids separate? Anaphase 2. During which phase of meiosis does crossing over occur? Prophase I 3. Name three differences between mitosis and meiosis (from the phases): a. Crossing over occurs in Prophase I in meiosis but not in mitosis b. Homologous chromosomes, not sister chromatids, separate in Anaphase I in
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Unformatted text preview: meiosis c. There is no DNA synthesis before Meiosis II *There are many more differences than these, but these are what I was looking for 4. Name the three sources of genetic variation a. Independent Assortment b. Random Fertilization c. Crossing Over...
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