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Bio 93 Pooja Patel Quiz 8 [email protected] Name: ____________________________________________ 1. What law says, “The two alleles separate during gamete formation and are therefore present in different gametes”? _____________________________________________ 2. Two flowers are crossed (P generation). One parent is homozygous recessive for petal color ( rr ) and the other parent is either homozygous dominant ( RR ) or heterozygous ( Rr ) for petal color.
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Unformatted text preview: The dominant phenotype results in red petals and the recessive phenotype results in white petals. The phenotype of the F 1 generation is 50% dominant and 50% recessive. Is the parent homozygous dominant or heteryzgous? (Hint: draw out Punnett squares) 3. Alternate forms of a gene reside at the same __________________ on a chromosome. 4. Chromosomes that bear the two alleles for a characteristic are __________________________....
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