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Quiz+10+-+Answer - c Watson and Crick DNA is a double helix...

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Bio 93 Pooja Patel Quiz 10 – Lecture 20 and 21 [email protected] Name: _____________________________________________ 1. What did each of these experiments/experimenters prove? a. Griffith: bacteria can transfer genetic material between each other (transformation) and this genetic material is what tells the cells what to do b. Hershey and Chase: DNA is the genetic material in cells
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Unformatted text preview: c. Watson and Crick: DNA is a double helix 2. There is a phosphate group on the 5’ end of DNA and a hydroxyl group on the 3’ end of DNA. 3. Name the modifications that occur to a pre-mRNA during mRNA modification. a. 5’ cap b. Poly-A Tail (to 3’ end) c. Splicing (introns are cut out and exons are joined together)...
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