Worksheet+2+-+Answer+Key - • Golgi Apparatus o Flattened...

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Bio 93 Pooja Patel Worksheet 2 – Lecture 5 [email protected] Lecture 5: Nucleus, Ribosomes, and the Endomembrane System Nucleus o Surrounded by double membrane (like plasma membrane) o Nuclear pores in the membrane allow transport of proteins and large macromolecules in and out of cell Made of ~30 proteins o Nuclear transport signals Ribosomes Endoplasmic Reticulum o Continuous with nuclear envelope Lumen: internal space o Smooth ER Ribosome free Rich in metabolic enzymes Large proportion in specialized cells Synthesis of lipids Metabolism of carbohydrates Detoxification of drugs and poison Calcium sequestration o Rough ER Ribosomes on outside Secreted proteins
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Bio 93 Pooja Patel Worksheet 2 – Lecture 5 [email protected] o Enter luminal space o Fold, transported in vesicules Membrane proteins o Synthesized by membrane o Transported by vesicles Membrane factory – synthesize lipids
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Unformatted text preview: • Golgi Apparatus o Flattened membranous sacs Cisterna: internal space Cis face: receiving end Trans face: shipping end • ER transport vesicles fuse with cis face o Move cis to trans via vesicles o Each cisterna constists of speicif enzymes modify proteins, phosopholipids Secreted proteins inside vesicle o Manufacture of polysaccharides • Lysosome o Formation Synthesis in Rough ER Processed in Golgi • Enzyme activated • Pre-lysosome buds from trans face o Membrane isolates digestive enzymes from rest of cell o Proton pump maintains low pH o Enyzmes hydrolyze proteins, fats, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids o Fuse with Phagocytic vesicles: digest bacteria Damaged organelles: break down macromolecules, recycle...
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Worksheet+2+-+Answer+Key - • Golgi Apparatus o Flattened...

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