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Anatomy+of+a+gene - displayed Your computer 5’ UTR ATG...

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KEY ELEMENTS: 1. TATA box/promoter @ -25bp 2. Enhancers (can be almost anywhere) 3. Transcription start site (not a sequence – location is determined by TATA box) 4. Exons 5. Introns 6. 5’ UTR (Un-Translated Region) 7. Translation start site - ATG initiator codon 8. Intron splice donor site GT 9. Intron splice acceptor site AG 10. Translation stop site TAA/TAG/TGA 11. 3’ UTR (all of it) 12. PolyA addition signal = AATAAA @ 14bp before end of mRNA 13. Location of polyA tail
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Unformatted text preview: displayed. Your computer 5’ UTR ATG TAA TGA TAG methionine start translation codon translation stop exon 1 start transcription (no sequence) intron GT AG donor & acceptor splice sites poly A addition signal = AATAAA site of future poly A addition promoter region TATA box upstream enhancer region exon 4 intron GT AG exon 2 exon 3 intron AG GT 3’ UTR 14bp 25bp 5’ Fanking sequence 3’ Fanking sequence CIRCLED SEQUENCES ARE CONSERVED...
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