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HUMAN AND EUKARYOTIC GENETICS Bio D137 Marsh RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT 2011 DUE - Tueday, Nov 29 by 4pm in Drop box Note: We will accept papers from teams of up to 6 students handing in one single paper (same grade for all). Pick a trait where the gene has been recently mapped, cloned and/or sequenced and write a short paper addressing the issues below. For each issue we are looking for you to cite the definitive experiments and evaluate them. For example, if it is claimed that a gene has been cloned, what is the evidence that the piece of DNA isolated in fact corresponds to the gene in question? How to do this : You can choose from the list of genes and papers provided for starting points or if you have a syndrome of particular interest and want to write about that, hand in a copy of the key paper for approval. If you pick your own topic FOR A GENE THAT HAS BEEN MAPPED AND CHARACTERIZED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS, a nd get approval, you will receive an extra point toward your final grade It is expected that you will find multiple papers and will research the literature to make a case for things about the gene. Paste a copy/xerox of the relevant graphs, tables or figures (with your own explanation) that support your or the author's claims into your paper. You will need to look at many journals to find all the data you need, and this is the point of this assignment, namely that you scan the scientific literature to know where it is and how to find it and how to use it. Use PubMed and OMIM extensively – they can be found at . You can also download full text copies of papers from many journals from the UCI electronic library PAPER FORMAT total 5 pages (references and figures do not count toward the 5pages) Papers must be typed double spaced 1" margins, 12pt type. Use the headings given below. Introduction 0.5 ->0.75 pages Why is this gene important? What is the phenotype of the trait selected and what is its impact on the human population (e.g. how many are affected compared to other popular disorders)? What controversy if any surrounds the subject? What recent advance has been made that you are reporting on and why is it significant? Results 3 pages Use the following subheadings below followed by a presentation of the data that demonstrate the answer. 1- Mode of inheritance (include penetrance and expressivity)? How is the trait inherited (as a simple Mendelian, dominant or recessive and what is the evidence ?). 2- Map location of the trait or suspect gene? What is the map location and how was it determined? 3-
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