PS1_11+ed - Bio D137 PROBLEM SET #1 DUE Thurs 9/29 by 4pm...

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1 Bio D137 PROBLEM SET #1 DUE Thurs 9/29 by 4pm in the box, 4th floor McGaugh Hall. JLMarsh 1] Genetics impacts our private and professional lives. The attached article from the LATimes of Aug 18, 2007 illustrates such an example. This case illustrates biochemical pathways, diagnostics and medical ethics. a] If you were allowed to decide, what would you decide about discharging or accepting a person in the military whose father had Huntington’s disease but who was 28 years old and asymptomatic? Why? b] What is factor V Leiden and how many people are we likely to have in our class of ~100 who have it if everyone were caucasian? Can you find the frequency if the whole class were Asian? What is it and where did you find it? Where does it fit into the clotting cascade? c ] What protects you from the situations described for the soldiers? 2] In plants the synthesis of purple anthocyanin pigment in the petals is controlled by two genes, Plant CellPhysiol. 37(5): 711-716 (1996)) WHITE INTERMEDIATE gene B enzyme > BLUE INTERMEDIATE gene D enzyme > Purple ANTHOCYANIN a) What color petals would you expect in a pure breeding plant homozygous for a mutant in B? b) What color petals would you expect in a pure breeding plant unable to catalyze the conversion of the blue intermediate to purple? c) What color petals would the F1 plants have from a cross between pure bb and pure dd plants? Explain why. d) What ratio of purple:blue:white plants would you expect in the F2 of the plants in c? Draw a Punnet square to depict the genotypes you would expect. 3 ]- In humans, Neurofibromatosis is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by loss of one copy of the NF gene. Homozygous loss of NF1 appears to be lethal. The syndrome is characterized by cafe-au-lait spots and fibromatous tumors of the skin. Patients with mutations on chromosome 17 have NF type I while others with mutations on chromosome 22 have NF type II. a) If a woman with NFII and a man with NFI meet while waiting at the doctor’s office and they eventually marry, what genotypes could be produced in their children and in what proportions? (Be sure to define any symbols that you use.) b) What are the chances that their children will have Neurofibromatosis? c) Draw a Punnett square illustrating the offspring from this marriage
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2 d) Do genes on the same chromosome assort independently? Do genes on separate chromosomes assort independently? (Ignore the phenomenon of chromosomal recombination.) 4] What is the last day to unconditionally drop this class? 5] FAMILY TREE This family tree is due Tues Oct 13 in the drop box. Diagram your family tree using genetic symbols described in the text. Go back to your
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PS1_11+ed - Bio D137 PROBLEM SET #1 DUE Thurs 9/29 by 4pm...

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