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Department of Economics Professor Dale J. Poirier University of California, Irvine November 7, 2011 ECON 123A Econometrics I Fall, 2011 SYLLABUS Time and Location: ECON 220A meets Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00pm - 3:20pm, in ELH 110. There will be two discussion sections. Students must enroll in one of the sections. The teaching assistant is Arshad Rahman Mohammad whose office is SSPA 3161. His office hour is 3-4pm, Mondays. Office Hours: W: 9:30am - 11:30am; SSPA 3171; telephone: (949) 824-3186; email: Course Description: This course aims to prepare students for empirical research in economics or it can serve as a starting point for theoretical research in econometrics. It covers the specification, estimation, and testing of econometric relationship, both from a Classical and a Bayesian point of view. It is the beginning of the econometrics sequence for the Major in Quantitative Economics. It is the recommended preparation for graduate school in economics and related areas. Prerequisites: (MATH 2A or AP CALCULUS AB (min score = 4)) and (MATH 2B or AP CALCULUS BC (min score = 4)) and (MATH 4 or MATH 2D) and (MATH 4 or MATH 2J) and (STATS 120C or MATH 131C) and (ECON 100C or ECON 105C). Grading: There are two midterm exams worth ¼ and a final exam worth ½ of the final grade, respectively. Homework problems are covered in weekly laboratory sessions. Although homework assignments are not collected, their mastery is essential for satisfactory completion of the exams. Course Materials: Wooldridge, J. M., Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach (South-Western, 2009, 4 th ed). Students are expected to know Wooldridge, Appendix A. The course will also utilize the EVIEWS econometric software package. This is available in the Social Science Computer labs, and is also be available to purchase from the UCI Computer store at a very substantial discount
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Syllabus+123A+2011 - Department of Economics University of...

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