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University of California, Irvine Department of Economics Syllabus ECON 161B International Money Quarter: Fall, 2011 Instructor: A. Sohrabian, Ph.D. Office: SSPB 3211 Office Hours: Office Phone: (909) 869-3795 E-mail: [email protected] TABLE OF CONTENTS * Course Objectives * Prerequisites * Required Materials * Expectations * Evaluations * Course Policies * Study Strategies * Course outline * Instructor Profile 453W03.syl 1
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Course Objectives: This course explores the workings of the international monetary system and several of its important components. The emphasis in the course is on the positive economics-What are the fundamental determinants of the balance of payments, of spot and forward exchange rates, and of domestic, and foreign interest rates? What are the characteristics of equilibrium among these variables and how does the system respond to exogenous disturbances? This course also explores several other important but more specialized topics including the nature of foreign exchange risk. We proceed to examine the determinants of long-term international capital flows, which leads to a discussion of the relation between national equity markets and nature of international portfolio diversification. Institutional characteristics of the markets are also presented. Policy implications for the individual investor, for corporations, and for governments are highlighted throughout. Prerequisite : ECON 10A-B-C and ECON 100A-B Required Materials 1. Fundamentals of Multinational Finance , by Moffett, Stonehill, and Eiteman. 2. Lecture Notes by A. Sohrabian. (Available on eee). 3. Problems and Solutions , by A. Sohrabian (Available on eee). Expectations : You are expected to have completed the assigned reading prior to the class and keep yourself informed of the current events regarding international financial matters often appear in the financial press such as the Wall Street Journal , Financial Times , and The Economist . You should subscribe to one of these, or commit to reading regularly from their web sites. Subscription forms will be available in class. You are responsible for any absence from class. If you miss a class session, get notes and material from your fellow group members. Form a “buddy system. Arrange for pickup of extra handouts. I will not take responsibility for you absences. Evaluations: Grading will be based on: Midterm Exam I (TU October 25th) 30% Midterm Exam II (TU November 15 th ) 30% Final Exam (TH December 8 th , 4:00-6:00 pm) 60% 1. Tests: All tests will mostly consist of numerical problems, and short essay. The purpose of these tests is to test your knowledge of the financial principles discussed in the textbook, handouts, and in class. The materials discussed in class and the materials from the textbook and handouts are all subject to
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Econ+161B++Fall+2011++Syllabus - University of California...

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