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Economics 210A Fall 2011 Assignment #2 Due: Monday, Oct. 10. 1. Show that the CES production function exhibits constant returns to scale. Max x pf ( x ) n X i =1 w i x i where x = ( x 1 ; x 2 ; :::; x n ) the properties of negativity and symmetry of factor demand functions.
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Unformatted text preview: Carefully justify each of your steps along the way. 3. MWG, Ex 5.C.1, p.136. 4. MWG, Ex. 5.C.2, p.138. 5. Varian, Ex. 2.3, p.39. 6. Varian, Ex. 2.7, p.39. 7. Varian, Ex. 3.2, p.48. 8. Varian, Ex. 3.3, p.48 9. Varian, Ex. 3.5, p.48. 1...
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