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Interview Outline - 6 Do you feel that your self-monitoring...

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Interview Outline The person that I have selected is both honest and intelligent. This person is the right candidate for my paper, because I know her very well and we are able to speak openly and honestly. She has studied behavioral science and has dealt with several key issues regarding her own personality and that of others she has encountered throughout her life. She will also take the personality test as well. Interview questions: 1. Do you remember or memorize information easily? 2. Can you describe the cognitive learning process? 3. What learning strategies do you know and what is your learning strategy? 4. What learning strategies you use so the information learned remains in your long-term memory? 5. What is your preferred studying environment, noisy or quiet?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Do you feel that your self-monitoring influences your personality and behavior? 7. What do you think is (are) the major factor (s) that influences your behavior? 8. After taking the personality test, what type were you assigned to? 9. Do you feel the results of the test are accurate? Why or why not? 10. How do you feel about the opinion that a person’s race, gender, or ethnicity may play a role in forming his or her personality and behavior? 11. When solving a problem or a task what type of motivation do you prefer intrinsic or extrinsic? The person that I have asked to interview is my wife. She has agreed and understands that her information will be used for my paper to be submitted to Axia College....
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