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Earlier in the course we discussed how someone’s inherent traits—such as race, gender, and ethnicity—affect behavior. This week, discuss how sociological factors affect a person’s behavior. What sociological factors do you believe affect your behavior the most? I would have to say that my family and the community I was raised in have had a very large impact on my behavior. Growing up in the bad part of town, you tend to see how other people’s behaviors change. It is like a defense mechanism for survival. Drugs have had the largest impact
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Unformatted text preview: on my life, being that I was exposed to them while growing up. I have seen drugs at their worst and would never want to experience that again. My mother tried her best to keep me out of trouble, but I had to learn the hard way. I have great appreciation for what I have been through and seen in my life, and am most thankful for having the will-power to maintain a straight path and away from drugs....
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