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Write a 200-word description of what the software offers. Identify the components of the Mifos database. The MiFos system is a system that allows the user to access information about all of its clients. All of this information is separated into various categories that allow the user to glean on the data they wish to see. For instance, they can see the scheduled payments of either a group or of an individual. The MiFos system uses a financial system to store of the financial transactions that it’s clients makes. It has a records system that stores that attendance of members at meetings. There is another system that allows the workers to submit new loan request, by
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Unformatted text preview: banker, client and/or group. The MiFos system is designed to allow multiple access points that can be accessed from various locations, as long as they are logged into the database. Within the system, the user can manipulate the data to provide updated information about any account a client or a group may have at that moment. This database styled system provides for multiple user and multiple levels of access to the different data that is stored within that locations files. As different bankers (users) access the data, they can change scheduled payments should a client miss one, thus updating the system to reflect the most recent and current information....
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