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According to our reading, E-commerce is the “buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging of products, services, or information through computer networks, including the Internet and the web”. The other term that is used almost inter-changeably is E-business. However, E-Business is a broad term because it not only includes E- commerce, but it also includes customer service functions, online collaborating with business partners, and the performance of electronic transactions within the organization or business.
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Unformatted text preview: While they both use the computer and the Internet to connect with other users who buy and sell products or services, they are different because E-commerce is not as involved with the internal workings as it is with getting the products, services, or information to customers who want them. E-business tends to deal with more than just the sale of the products. I feel that to most people, (i.e. the average consumer), the two words, E-commerce and E-business are in fact inter-changeable terms....
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