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What are B2B, B2C, and G2C transactions? How do they differ? How does each type of transaction benefit from conducting business using the Internet? B2B or business to business - is a term used to describe a transaction that is performed  between business organizations. B2C or business to consumer - is a term used to describe a transaction that is  performed between a business and consumer. This transaction is typical if an online  transaction between a retailer and a customer. An example would be a purchase on  Amazon.com. G2C or government to citizen - is a term used to describe a transaction that is  performed between a governmental body and its citizens. These transactions might be 
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Unformatted text preview: with suppliers, or other business partners that perform functions for that governmental body. B2B typically indicates large volume transactions made to a few businesses, whereas B2C usually involve smaller volume transactions, but to significantly more individuals. G2C transactions have been strengthened by the fact that more and more local, state, and federal governmental bodies are starting to realize the advantages of doing more business online. Cities and States have made it easier to collect taxes, fines, or other income streams via the internet than it had been previously....
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