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Week 5 Assignment Day 7 - depart This was one of the more...

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Write a 200-word paragraph summarizing your thoughts on the issues that contributed to the service shutdown. What would you have done differently? The issues that were a large part of the overall failure during this event were equally divided between the upper management of JetBlue and the Technology staff. When looking at the choices that were made to push back many planes from the gate and to leave them stranded on the tarmac were the result of inexperience on the part of the management team. Instead of simply cancelling flights as did many of the other larger, more established airlines, they decided to get as many upset customers away from the terminals and onto planes. Well, the only place for the planes to go was to sit out on the tarmac waiting for the weather to improve so they could
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Unformatted text preview: depart. This was one of the more fatal decisions that the management team could have made. They took a bad situation, the weather, and made it even worse by trapping people inside a plane that was ill-prepared to accommodate all the passengers for so many hours. On the part of the information systems department, the inability of the customers to access crucial schedules and updates, along with lacking the proper number of call center employees, caused more aggravation than was really necessary during this winter storm. Overall, I would have opted to simply cancel flights. It would have been better to accommodate the needs of people inside a well stocked terminal, instead of a minimally stocked plane....
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