CLUB IT PART TWO - Club IT Phase 2 Mark Spencer Axia...

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Club IT Phase 2 Mark Spencer Axia College BIS 219
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Club IT Club IT is a nightclub owned by Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. As many other business owners, Lisa and Ruben realized that information technology allows any organizations to survive and thrive in today’s market. They decided that to improve their marketability and viability, they would need to improve their information management capabilities. More specifically, Lisa and Ruben should consider using supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) to improve sales, employee relations, and run its internal operations more efficiently. I will evaluate Club’s IT resources, customers, and supply chain; I will define three problems and provide three IT solutions (ERP, SCM, and CRM) to resolve the problems. Finally, I will discuss how various departments within Club IT may use the proposed solutions. The Club IT website lists items such as t-shirts, baseball caps, glass mugs, and shot glasses that customers will be able to buy at the nightclub. It also specifies that Club IT members will receive a 10% discounts. Menus are included in the website along with calendar of the club's events. Advanced ticket purchases are available for the Friday and Saturday night concerts; however, they may only be acquired in person or by phone. (Wiley Higher Education, 2006) Club IT’s community includes childless young professionals, college students, tourists, and business travelers. Most of the customers use mobile technologies such as Blackberry, camera
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CLUB IT PART TWO - Club IT Phase 2 Mark Spencer Axia...

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