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Responsibility - accept the consequences of your actions and decisions. Accountability - determination of who is responsible for actions or decisions that were taken. Liability - individuals have the right to recover the damages done to them by other individuals,  organizations, or systems. The more access that employees have to information increases the possibilities of that information being  used in an illegal or unethical manner. Ethical issues pop up as a result of the increased use of  information systems. Some of the issues might be a result of information systems that have been  improved, larger and larger amounts of data is being stored at reduced costs for longer periods of time.  With so many user leaving full credit card information, social security numbers, or driver's license 
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Unformatted text preview: numbers in customers file which gives employees and hackers the opportunity and incentive to misuse this information. With these issues, ethical problems are beginning to come to light regarding the appropriate use of customer information, personal privacy, and the protection of intellectual property. Most companies are allowing employees full access to the internet without regular review. They fail to regulate the websites that are being visited, emails being sent and received, or what is being downloading. Identifying weaknesses in computer and internet security, fixing those problems, and upgrading when new updates are available will help protect customer information....
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