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Week 3 DQ 2 - used to fashion the law that is in-acted I...

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If the majority of companies strive to conduct their business ethically, why is there a need to create laws? How are ethics different from the law? How are ethics and the law the same? Support your answer with real-world examples. I believe that most businesses start out with the intentions of conducting business in an ethical manner. However, because there are instances when people become greedy and attempt to make more money or gain greater perks than they should. Oftentimes, when this occurs, it is through some form of illegal dealings. This is where the need for laws to be in-acted. Ethics are based on a moral code of conduct. Laws are based on specific facts to allow or disallow certain actions. Ethics and law are the same in some circumstances where the moral or ethical act has been
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Unformatted text preview: used to fashion the law that is in-acted. I will use the case of Ex-Disney CEO, Michael Eisner; Actions he took to garner the additional perks, i.e. the planes, the stocks, the Capital/ABC merger, etc; placing ‘YES’ men on the executive board and the other things were not illegal. He never did break any laws in what he did or attempted to do. What he is guilty of is using highly un-ethical tactics to accomplish his plans. Many of the actions were done in a manner that ‘skirted’ the law, never breaking the law, but getting close to that line between legal and illegal. In the end, it was the un-ethical actions that ultimately cost him his position and his notoriety. When his actions become common knowledge, his reputation was severely tarnished....
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