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Week 4 Assignment-SWOT - JavaNet Internet Caf Eugene OR The...

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JavaNet Internet Café Eugene, OR
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The business venture that I have decided to work towards is the Internet Café site to be located in the city of Eugene, OR. This venture will allow people a place to socialize with friends and colleagues. While they are socializing, they will be able to access the Internet for work or play, school or games. The idea behind this venture is that while the people are gathered together to meet, work, play or study, they will also be taking advantage of the amenities JavaNet will offer. In addition to offering the customer access to the Internet, JavaNet will also offer beverages and baked goods at a reasonable price. The beverages will range from Soda to Cappuccino, hot beverages to cold beverages. The strengths of the business plan have been evaluated to determine whether or not the strengths outweigh the weaknesses. JavaNet has developed a well thought out business model. The business model includes detailed objectives for this venture. The keys to success are documented, along with the Mission statement for JavaNet. One
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