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Review the political tactics used by organizations described on pp. 196-197 of the text. Have you experienced any of these tactics in your workplace or have you heard anyone describe a situation in their workplace in which they experienced a political tactic? Describe the situation and the political tactic. 'THE BUILDING-COALITIONS-AND-ALLIANCES TACTIC', is a tactic that I am currently having to deal  with in the region I am assigned too. I am not a part of the coalition, so it becomes hard to get  cooperation from fellow employees on certain projects. When you have the regional manager whose son  holds the same title as I do, yet is not required to handle the same work load as others, it makes for a  frustrating work environment. At the same time, I am in the position of the 'THE BE-IRREPLACEABLE' side of the office politics. I 
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Unformatted text preview: handle 3 large accounts for our company, of which I have been involved with for nearly 7 years. During a span of roughly 1.5 years, my duties as they related to this customer were handed off to another employee. Needless to say, the other employee dropped the ball numerous times and it began to reflect badly on our company. The company's head of operations personally called the owner of our company and offered him an ultimatum; either place me in-charge of his account again or he was pulling the business. Mind you, the customer is billed roughly $600,000.00 per month so to lose the business would have severely hurt our company. Needless to say, I find myself in quite the predicament almost every day in one way or another....
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